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What used to be a warehouse in Amsterdam is now a stunning, modern home that has plenty of vintage home decor. Marloes Hoedeman is the owner of this 19th-century gem. The founder of Love Stories, a popular lingerie label, found inspiration in her brand and decided to match her home’s interior to the feminine yet tough spirit of her company. The result is flawless!

Marloes shares the home with Eric Bijlsman, her partner. The exterior of the building is all brick, four stories up, already giving this the feeling of a vintage home. However, the modest and self-assured outside of the home gives no clues to the incredible interior of their home. The high ceilings only add to the feeling of grandeur.

Vintage home interior pictures

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The living room boasts high white walls offset by shades of black and greenery with plants. A light gray sofa sits gently in the midst of it all, pulling the room together over a gray rug and the stylish wooden floors. The high ceilings give you the feeling of lots of vertical space, further emphasized by black-framed glass display cabinets and a long, reaching black chimney fireplace.

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A short curved white wall hugs the stairs, matching the white brick walls that are a must for any vintage home interior. The couple had the interior stripped back to reveal this brickwork, which sits opposite the radial concrete staircase that goes from the main floor through the floor for the living and dining area and goes through the main bedroom to the children’s rooms. Black metal bars surround the staircase going up, where a plush camel sofa makes a statement over taupe carpeting.

Vintage home decor

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Things get a bit more exotic in the kitchen area. A simple wooden table for eating is surrounded by modern white chairs, a patterned beige rug, and plenty of plants and greenery among the stainless-steel appliances and modern black utensil and appliance storage. Perhaps it’s the wicker plant basket and window shades or the sixties swivel chair that add to the vintage home interior feeling?

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Images: Vogue Living

It’s the little touches that make this home so appealing. A drum used as a table by the comfy oatmeal-colored chair where the kids play. A shag carpet with alternating coffee and gray diamond shapes. Old-school framed vintage photos hanging on the brick wall, a staple of any vintage home. An older, fashionable swim suit framed behind glass and hung in the children’s room, the black framing matching the crib and a black bed canopy, adds a subtle nod to the past.

The home is a master class in vintage home decor meeting sleek, industrial style. Softer colors come through in comforting neutrals like beige, white, and gray, with lots of taupe and variations on tan and oatmeal. This balances out the harsher, more metallic elements that come through in the vintage home decor and other accents like furniture. Even the bathroom is a mixture of cold and warm in the best way possible.

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Marloes mixed and matched her way to a beautiful home. Tough and soft, lived in but stylish, this home sets the standard for what an updated vintage home interior ought to look like and will be providing plenty of inspiration for homeowners in Amsterdam and around the world over.

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