10 Best Bedroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

The bedroom is an essential part of a home’s interior design and ambiance. It is what sets the tone for the rest of your living space, particularly when you are using it as a retreat at the end of the day. However, one area that many people neglect to customize or to add lighting is their bedroom wall. A Bedroom Accent Wall is a stylish way to add character to your bedroom. This post will give you some ideas on how to beautify your walls and create a cohesive atmosphere in your bedroom.


Bedroom Accent Wall Decor Ideas

1. Get a mural.

This is one of those Bedroom Accent Wall ideas, when done right, can change the entire feel of a space. If you have an abundance of wall space, this is an intriguing option to take advantage of. Think about what themes you would love to see in your home and find an artist that can produce those themes for you. This is also one way to make your room stand out, since you are the only one who “owns” the mural instead of just being stuck with something boring on the side of your wall.


2. Add patterned wallpaper to match your furniture set or color scheme.

bedroom match furniture with wallpaper

The simple and classic patterned wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to get patterns on your walls, and it is also an intriguing way to add interest over plain white or neutral walls. To create the look you want, tint your bedroom wall color with a solid color instead of white (you will still need to match the color at the same time once you do all of the trim work).


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3. Spray paint wall decals.


This is another bedroom wall decor idea that can be very inexpensive, even if you are not a professional painter or designer. You can buy decals online or in craft stores. Simply search “wall decals” in Google and you will see plenty of options; some are even sold by online retailers rather than in stores. You will want to ensure you have a light color that will complement your wall paint. If you are painting your walls in a darker color, you might also consider using a pearlescent paint.

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4. Fake wallpaper with stencils.


You can create interesting patterns on your walls with stencils, as well. The trick is to make sure the pattern is dark enough so that it does not show up when the wallpaper ends up being light in color (like gray or white). You can find chalkboard paint at any hardware store and get pretty creative with it if you want to add some texture; just be sure to prepare the surface before applying the chalkboard paint by sanding the wall first.

5. Add grout in your wall designs.


Stencils are not the only way to add a pattern to your walls. Grout is another method that you can use, particularly if your room has a “wallpaper accent wall.” You will want to choose a non-glossy grout so that the design you put on it will not have too much of a reflective effect. To avoid making the grout too noticeable, choose small and subtle patterns and images; you can also put images behind your furniture or other items in your room as well.

Image: centsational style

6. Add decorative mirrors or other objects on the walls of your room.


Mirrors are particularly good additions to a bedroom, since they can make an area seem larger and brighter. Although you may have a limited amount of mirror space in your room, you can still create some attractive patterns with mirrors or other decorative objects on the wall behind your bed. If you like the idea of having an old-fashioned, decorative look to your walls because of the mirrors, avoid displaying heavy items behind them or against the ceiling. You will want to introduce light and air into the room as much as possible by using your mirrors to catch natural light and keep it from shining directly on your face.

7. Create a patterned wallpaper border all around the room in a single pattern.


Carefully design your pattern and color scheme before you begin. It is best to choose a wallpaper border color that complements the walls, although you can also use a non-transparent pattern with a white background or an accent color that ties into the rest of your decor. You may even want to consider changing out your bed linens for the summer months; this might create the illusion of a wider room without actually adding any extra space.

8. Dress up wall corners by adding decorative objects, pictures or pictures with fabric behind them.


If you have angles in your bedroom, an intriguing way to add some interest is by adding decorative objects and pictures to the walls. You can either use the same type of object or fabric on each side (if the wall curves) or create a blend between the two themes. Try to avoid large objects in these spots, since they will end up being distracting when you enter and exit your room.

9. Add bed décor to your wall design.


Depending on what type of bed you have – a canopy bed, for example – you might consider adding a patterned bed skirt or skirt with trim to the bottom of the canopy. If you have a large enough wall space, you may also want to add some sort of decoration all around the headboard itself; again, try not to go overboard with items unless they are lightweight and do not hang too low if they are attached to the headboard or can be in danger of coming loose if they are hanging on the wall itself.

10. Fill your room with plants and flowers instead of with furniture or other items on the wall.


Instead of trying to fill your space with too many large pieces of furniture and other items, you might consider going with plants and flowers instead. Choose a small area in the corner of your room or outside the window to make this idea work; you may want to set up a planter on an end table or desk at first so that its base remains level, because this will also allow you to change out the plants into something else if they die or wilt away. Use natural products for your plants – like cactus, succulents, aloe vera, bamboo and other types of greenery – so that you are not creating an unnatural look in your bedroom.

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In a bedroom, your walls can serve as not only decoration, but also as a focal point for the rest of the home. Choosing the right Bedroom Accent Wall can help you set the mood for relaxation and peace of mind. Consider the above ten ideas to find inspiration for your accent wall; you might even be able to enhance the beauty of your room.

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