A Light Filled Scandinavian Inspired Getaway

A Light Filled Scandinavian Inspired living room

Home interiors can come in different shapes and sizes. The styles are very different and many people have different points of view when it comes to what’s inspiring and what’s not. Here at Decoholic we know that inspiration is key for all of you. So here is a Light Filled Scandinavian Inspired home by Jessica Helgerson.

What Scandinavian Inspiration is all about

What the creator has to say about this masterpiece is the following:

“This Hamptons home was a departure from the historic homes we often take on. With significant changes to the floor plan and finishes, the home transformed in to a light filled Scandinavian inspired getaway for our clients. We designed cozy sitting rooms with built in sofas on each floor and expanded the kitchen to include space previously occupied by a screened porch. 

white Scandinavian inspired country kitchen design

The palette is very restrained with pale wood, white painted wood, handmade white tile, marble and brass. We took our cues for furnishing the home from our stylish clients; incorporating timeless Danish pieces with some more modern touches.”

Scandinavian inspired fresh dining room

The senior designer for the Amagansett project was Chelsie Lee and the local architect was TBD Architecture.

Scandinavian inspired home office
Scandinavian inspired fresh dining room idea

Wooden material can be spotted in this home interior. In combination with the bright, white colors it makes the place look stunning, minimal and very calming.

Scandinavian inspired fresh dining room design

Imagine yourself surrounded by an environment like that. Amazing isn’t it? We love it and we are pretty sure that you are going to love it, too! Just take some notes from this home interior and everything will be just as perfect as you want it to be.

cozy fresh Scandinavian inspired fresh living room
amazing small garden

Of course don’t forget the importance of being near nature. It really adds to the atmosphere created by this interior.

Scandinavian inspired staircase
Scandinavian inspired fresh bedroom idea
Scandinavian inspired fresh bedroom design
Scandinavian inspired fresh bedroom wall paint dea
Scandinavian inspired fresh small bathroom
Scandinavian inspired fresh bunk beds
Scandinavian inspired grey with white bedroom idea
Scandinavian inspired fresh nook idea
Scandinavian inspired fresh entryway idea
Hamptons home

The fact that the house is located near greenery makes it even more appealing to our eyes. As psychology says, when we are near nature it is easier for us to find more inner peace and relaxation in general. The fresh air really impacts you positively. So what about having a great interior with some even greater exterior? Scandinavian inspiration can come in handy in this case.

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