What is a Coverlet and How Can it Transform Your Bedroom?

Double Sided Floral Coverlet

Whether you’re looking to revamp your bedroom or just give it an extra layer of cozy comfort, coverlets are the perfect option. But what is a coverlet, and how do they differ from other bedding options? Coverlets are a lightweight bedspread that provide warmth and style to any bedroom. Let’s take a look at the basics of coverlets and how they can help transform your sleep space.

Image:  Double Sided Floral Coverlet

What is a Coverlet?

 Willow 100% Cotton Coverlet
Image: Willow 100% Cotton Coverlet

A coverlet is a thin, lightweight quilted bedspread that can be used as an additional layer of comfort on top of blankets and comforters. Coverlets are traditionally made with two layers of fabric filled with batting in between. The batting is usually made from cotton or polyester, providing light insulation for cold temperatures. It also gives the fabric a softer feel that makes it more pleasant to touch than traditional quilts which have three layers instead of two. Coverlets come in many designs, colors, textures, and sizes. They fit any home decor style – making them perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth or style to your bedroom.

The Benefits of Coverlets

luxury  Silver Glint Coverlet
Image: Silver Glint Coverlet

Coverlets offer several benefits over other types of bedding. They are much lighter than traditional quilts so they don’t add too much bulk to your bedding ensemble while still providing warmth and comfort. They are also great for layering. You can easily mix and match different colors and patterns with other blankets or comforters without sacrificing style or warmth. Plus, because they’re so lightweight they don’t require as much care as heavier quilts. They are an easy choice for busy households who need their beds ready quickly!

How to Add Style With Coverlets

Coverlets are the perfect way to add some extra style to your bedroom without having to purchase an entirely new bedding set. Try mixing different colors and patterns together for a unique look that reflects your personal taste. You can even choose coordinating pieces from different brands if you want! If you’d like something more subtle yet still stylish, try opting for neutral tones paired with muted accent colors like blues or greens. This will give your room a calming atmosphere without being too overwhelming. You can also use coverlets as wall hangings if you’d like – these make great art pieces when hung in groups!


Traditional Damask Design Lightweight Coverlet Bedspread Bedding Set
Image: Traditional Damask Design Lightweight Coverlet Bedspread Bedding Set

Coverlets offer the perfect combination of beauty, comfort, and convenience – no matter what type of bedroom design scheme you have in mind. Whether you want something bright and vibrant or something soothing and neutral, there’s sure to be a coverlet out there that fits perfectly into your decorating plan! So go ahead – give your bedroom an extra layer of cozy comfort with one (or two!) beautiful coverlets today!

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