18 Boho Chic Living Rooms and How to Decorate Them

boho chic living room

Want to create a relaxed living room? If you love boho, eclectic decor with some vintage pieces, but with a modern twist, then Boho Chic is your style. In this article I am going to give you certain ideas for boho chic living rooms you will love! If this is the style you like, then you will absolutely adore the following inspirational photos. Check them out!

Chicness and Boho living room ideas

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blue walls in a boho chic living room

A vibrant blue-flocked coffee table gives this traditional living room a bright new twist. The collage of framed prints, clustered light shades and patchwork cushions add to the quirky, eclectic feel.

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boho chic orange living room 25 ideas

boho chic 8 living room ideas

Mixing intense colours and pattern, with piles of cushions, low-level seating and layered rugs will create an urban Bedouin-style living room. Bright colorful throw pillows are great accents in any decor. But here they also create the atmosphere of the Moroccan style. Create a vibrant look with patterned or bold throw pillows.

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tyrquoise boho chic ethnic living room

Elina’s tyrquoise boho chic living room. Check out more photos of the house.

boho chic living room 21 ideas

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boho chic living room 9 ideas

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boho chic 10 living room ideas

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boho chic living room 11 ideas

boho chic living room 12 ideas

boho chic living room 13 ideas

boho chic living room 14 ideas

boho chic living room 15 ideas

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dark grey walls in a fireplace

Add some colors in your boho living room

A colourful and eclectic collection of ornaments forms the basis of this bohemian room. Mix and match styles and colours with confidence. Set them against a dramatic backdrop of colour such as this slate grey floor with matching walls.

living room with red walls

Why not try a more modern shocking pink instead of the traditional dining-room red? This will bring a touch of bohemian opulence to your room.

beige living room

A low-level Moroccan-inspired lounging area is a perfect way of making use of an awkward space under the eaves of a roof.

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pastel colors and indoor plants in a living room

Charmingly cluttered boho-chic living rooms celebrate luxurious fabrics, beautiful interior decorating colors and unique textures. Also, amazing decoration patterns create gorgeous, comfortable and cozy rooms. Bohemian interior decorating ideas are about romance and exquisite luxury that make home decor truly unique and intimate.

Bohemian interior decorating style is the perfect style choice when you want to set a warm, welcoming and very special atmosphere in your home. A boho living room has something special few other styles can create. The colors and combinations are such that you cannot help but adore this decor. So, if you liked these ideas, and seem to be kind of confused about what to choose the answer is simple. A boho living room combined with your favourite colors!

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exposed beams in living room

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